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Hello everyone,

My portfolio is currently undergoing some changes, but below you will find a selection of my work. Current projects are available upon request. Thank you and stay tuned!

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Creative For a Cause Contest Entry



A project I worked on with a copywriter friend. It was an entry for the Creative for a Cause NYC subway advertisement design contest. Helping Code Interactive promote the work they do bringing technology education to underserve communities.

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Original Popcorn Lamp

I designed a landing page for an e-commerce start-up specializing in novelty furnishings. The concept was to maintain the fun, whimsical appeal of the product and direct the consumer towards the product.

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Test Shot

A friend who is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology approached me to do an editorial shoot for the jersey he designed. Shoot on location at the Japantown Mall in San Francisco modeled by the designer. A great opportunity to develop the necessary skills for fashion photography, such as, location scouting, lighting, direction, and image editing.

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Art Wars — Gallery Promotional Campaign

Developed an entire advertorial campaign for a gallery opening that coincided with a screening of the Banksy's mockumentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. I lead a group of three of students in this pro-bono project in partnership with the on-campus production company. The campaign featured four posters and handbills with a QR link to an animation with additional information about the screening. The project was a great opportunity to explore the duality of existence between web presence and physical identity experienced everyday.

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Park Folly

A whimsical structure I designed while exploring the Grasshopper plugin for rhinoceroses 3-D modeling. A Folly is a structure designed primarily for decoration but suggests other uses through its appearance. I have a great interest in generative algorithms and how we can use programs like grasshopper to optimize all forms of design.

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The Arts @ Henson-Parks

Promotional material created in part for The Arts @ Henson-Parks, Inc. I created a flyer for the inaugural fundraising event, The identity for a partnering non-profit, and a t-shirt for the volunteer team to wear for events.

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Blank You Very Much x Capital Cities

My Entry for the open contest on Blank You Very Much, the objective was to produce a t-shirt and poster for the bands upcoming tour. My entry was one of a handful also featured on the Blank You Very Much Social Media platforms.

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Digital Illustrations

Various Illustrations created using a variety of techniques and programs.

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Zerkins Chair — Challenging the Standards of Proportion

My Zerkins Chair, a seat designed and fabricated to challenge standard seat dimensions, was selected to be featured in a published gallery show at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO.